Until the last drop.

One land,
two realities.

The Jordan Valley is the deepest valley in the world, with land so rich and fertile it was once the Palestinian breadbasket.

In 1967, Israel occupied the West Bank, and has actively prevented the construction and maintenance of Palestinian water systems ever since.

the film.

We were asked by Oxfam to craft a documentary film, that told the story of water in the West Bank from both Israeli and Palestinian perspectives.

The result was a poetic, observational documentary film that has won over 15 international awards and broadcast worldwide.

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Abu Saqer, is a shepherd, farmer and respected leader of the Al Haddidya community. Every day he, and his family, struggle to find water.

Eli Gilad is an Israeli settler living on occupied Palestinian land. In contrast to Abu, Eli manages a vast date plantation with thousands of trees.

The Palestinian is targeted
through water, but he will
stay and keep resisting,
until the last drop.


Services &

Our work on this project included, story development, logistics, filming, post-production and distribution.

The equipment we used comprised the Sony FS7 camera with Fujinon MK zoom lenses.

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