Spotlight Initiative.


The Spotlight Initiative aims to eliminate all forms of violence against women and girls in more than 25 countries, including across Africa.

Reelmedia was asked to create a series of visually compelling videos and photographs based on the testimonies of survivors and activists.

the films.

Each of the five films, tells the story of a survivor or activist in Uganda, supported by the Spotlight Initiative.

Marcyline’s film is a defiant story of hope. After surviving an attack aged 14, she is now able to support herself and her young daughter. 

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Each film told a story of change, from a period of struggle and hardship, to one of hope and optimism.

By focusing on the stories of individuals, we were able to produce documentary films that were impactful and engaging. 

In Uganda, almost
95% of women
and girls have
experienced physical
or sexual violence.

UN Women

Services &

Our work on this project included, scriptwriting, concept development, filming logistics, cinematography, photography, editing and colour grading.

The equipment we used comprised, Mavo Edge 8K cinema camera, DJI RS3 Pro gimbal with LIDAR rangefinder, and IRIX prime lenses. 

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