Farmer stories.



80% of the population in lower-income countries rely on food grown by smallholder farmers. In Kenya, agriculture is the backbone of the economy; however, many smallholder farmers struggle to maintain a viable livelihood through farming. For this project, we visited Kenya to tell the stories of the small-holder farmers who are being supported by Mercy Corps’s Agrifin programme to use digital services to safeguarding their livelihoods.

What did we do.

Photography, Copywriting.

To produce this photography collection we spent 2 weeks in Kenya, travelling around the country to visit small-holder farmers and document their stories. The objective of the project was to create a package of communications content that the AgriFin programme could in it’s outreach. Along with the photographs, we also produced written articles of each farmer’s story.

Small-scale farms make up 90% of the world’s farms and produce the majority of the world’s food.

Mercy Corps

From concept to delivery.

We visited farms across Kenya to meet the farmer’s and find out how they’re using digital technology to improve their crop yields and increase their profits. In Busia county we met Rose who went from being a struggling subsistence farmer farmer to a leader in her community. Rose’s journey to success was all thanks to one of AgriFin’s programme’s that trains farmers in agribusiness skills.  

The AgriFin programme works on-the ground across Africa and Asia to design digital products that will boost farmer’s productivity and build their resilience to climate change. To implement the programme AgriFin works with a range of Third Sector organisations and businesses, the fundamental aim always being to ensure small-holder farmer’s have the tools they need to secure their futures and continue their critical role in feeding the world. 

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