Tim Webster.

Filmmaker, Videographer and Cinematographer, in Brighton, Sussex.

& documentary

Based in Brighton, Sussex, I am a Cinematographer and Documentary Filmmaker with over 15 years experience in film, photography and multimedia production. In 2001 I started Reelmedia Film, to produce storytelling that enacts change.

I am available as a freelance Videographer, Camera Operator, Filmmaker and Cinematographer in Brighton, Sussex and London. See my rates and equipment list below, and get in touch to discuss your next project.

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My social experiment film for UNICEF Somalia, The real price of water, reached over 28 million people, bringing awareness to the plight of children in the country. The film won two Gold Awards in the Lovies.

Until the last drop, my documentary film for Oxfam, won multiple awards, including Best Cinematography and Best Short Documentary.

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Committed to stories which
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