Powering a green future.


A green recovery post-COVID19.

The Powering equality for a green recovery campaign foregrounds women as empowered agents of change in the fight to achieve a green recovery from COVID-19. The campaign overturns gendered stereotypes of the role of women, by emphasising their unique position as leaders in climate action. It highlights the positive impacts from women-led renewable energy projects.

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What did we do.

Campaign design, Story development, Social media assets, Photography, Documentary film production, Film editing.

In Asia, women running renewable energy enterprises are paving new pathways not just for themselves but for the future of their communities. These female entrepreneurs are leading their communities towards a sustainable future.

Foregrounding powerful imagery of women was a priority across all of the campaign content, promoting female entrepreneurs’ as ‘Climate Champions’. We based the style around illustrated portraits of each featured contributor created by tracing over photographs taken in the field. 

Bangladesh Shefaly Begum
Bangladesh Shefaly Begum

1000 women entrepreneurs have been supported through the installation of renewable energy technology across Asia.


From concept to delivery.

Working in Bangladesh, Vietnam and Cambodia we told the stories of 3 women entrepreneurs in each country through film and photography. Each story showed the positive impacts of renewable energy in enabling productive businesses and supporting families and communities. The project was a collaboration between Reelmedia FilmUNEP and UN Women. We created 3 x films, 90 x photographs, 3 x infographics and 3 x animated GIFS which combined to create a social media campaign that communicated the Empower project to a wide audience. You can read more about the Empower project here.

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