Rights of the child.


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Across South Asia young people are leading the way for future generations to live empowered lives pursuing their passions and aspirations. These social media videos were produced as part of UNICEF’s online communications campaign, celebrating 30 years of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. 

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What did we do.

Scriptwriting, Film production, Film editing.

We worked with UNICEF in Bhutan, Sri Lanka and the Maldives to produce a collection of videos spotlighting particularly inspiring stories of young people in each country. In Bhutan we met Tshering, who, despite having to leave school early, pursued her passion to teach through establishing a farming business. Now, Tshering’s a role model in her community, teaching farming through her business. 

From concept to delivery.

In the Maldives we worked with Afaa to tell her story of becoming an environmental activist. Afaa was inspired to speak out after witnessing the development that was occurring at the expense of the environment on her island home of Kulhudhuffushi. Afaa set up the NGO BeLeaf and uses her social media platform, TheIslandGirl, to educate her peers and advocate for restoring and protecting the environment. We also worked with Afaa to produce a photo story which can be viewed here.

13-year-old Thayalen’s story is focused on his journey to re-engage with his education after becoming orphaned at age 6. When the social service workforce in Sri Lanka became aware of Thayalen’s vulnerability, UNICEF helped to encourage and support him to go back to school. Together, the films serve as an inspiring collection of stories showcasing the impact of UNICEF’s wide reaching work supporting and empowering young people across South Asia.

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