The real price of water.

for water.

In drought-affected Somalia, only 52% of the population has access to a basic water supply.

Many water sources are drying up, forcing some children to walk up to 50km a day for water, which is often contaminated with life-threatening diseases.

the film.

Working with UNICEF, we designed a hidden camera social experiment video as an innovative way to confront passers-by.

In order to make a purchase, members of the public were asked to consider how far they would walk for water.

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The final film was distributed on World Water Day across all of UNICEF’s country offices.

After 1 month, The real price of water had 28 million views on Facebook. Later that year, the film won two Gold Awards in The Lovies 2018.

Only 52% of the population
in Somalia have access to a
basic water supply.


Services &

Our work on this project included concept development, script, logistics, filming and post-production.

We used three Sony FS7 cameras shooting on the Sony G 28-135mm lens, and multiple radio microphones were placed around the water stall.

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