February 21, 2023

How can you affect positive change in today’s world?.

Think big, start small, act now, before everything becomes too late. The logic is beautiful and so is the urgency. Especially for storytellers whose hopes and expectations drive their individual capacities to make an impact.

Think big.

Think big and believe in yourself so your goals and visions for the future become brighter. Use your imagination and naturally allow yourself to do so is the dream. Forasmuch as becoming mindfully aware of what you really want is crucial. Find what gives your life meaning. Think big and reconsider what you were thinking before seeing your growth and priorities now. Develop a growth mindset in pursuing your biggest dreams and be prepared to fail on your journey. Get comfortable with failure because learning is more leading than success or other people’s opinions. Maybe it isn’t a fear of failure but instead a fear of success that is holding you back? What really is your version of success you want to work toward? Think big.

How can you affect positive change in today’s world?

Get comfortable with failure because learning is more leading than success or other people’s opinions.


Start small.

Starting is the most difficult part in the process of making change. But be assured, it is only the beginning and it would give you an enormous sense of accomplishment. Pursuing big goals often seems frightening and too far off from your comfort zone, but not if they’re broken down into small, manageable steps. So, do something today to get you closer to where you want to go. It might be a process improvement, or a behaviour change or a change in beliefs of traditional practices. You could join our GenOcean campaign by taking small actions to restore and protect the ocean. Seeking new experiences, exploring and discovering what makes us feel good often shifts our perceptions, aids in the recognition of new opportunities, increases our energy, and makes us more adaptable to change. This cycle repeats itself. Try to then make time to recognise and appreciate these improvements in your life, no matter how small. It is crucial to share and celebrate success stories, whether you achieved this on your own or as part of a team. It shows how capable you are to be making a difference, and it may be contagious! When we tell stories about how we are consciously affecting positive change, others might think, “I may give it a try as well! Why can’t I do it if they can?”. It’s possible if you start small.
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Reelmedia film storytelling blog

Act now.

Our climate is changing quicker than expected. We are suffering the effects of human-caused global warming, from more frequent and severe storms to record heatwaves. But there is still time to alter our prospects. According to a recent United Nations research, we can prevent more severe climate change effects by reducing warming to 1.5° C (2.7° F). We should act now and comply with our goal-setting strategies. Any other way our dreams will forever live in our minds. So, allow yourself an array of possibilities – and enough alternatives for when you get stuck – to develop your goals. The UN Campaign for Individual Action purposes an action guide of 10 steps:
  1. Save energy at home.
  2. Walk, bike, or take public transport.
  3. Eat more vegetables.
  4. Consider your travel.
  5. Throw away less food.
  6. Reduce, reuse, repair, recycle.
  7. Change your home’s source of energy.
  8. Switch to an electric vehicle.
  9. Choose eco-friendly products.
  10. Speak up.
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