Changemaker: Peter Temple.


Social media video.
Sierra Leone.

In Sierra Leone the youth unemployment rate is at 60%, one of the highest in West Africa. Creating opportunities for young people is essential to boost the country’s economy and ensure the futures of the next generation. We worked with UNICEF in Sierra Leone to produce this video as part of a larger communications campaign, ‘Changemakers’ seeking to inspire and energise young people to pursue their passions and build successful livelihoods. 

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What did we do.

Scriptwriting, Film production, Film editing.

Peter Temple is one individual who UNICEF has spotlighted as a ‘Changemaker’. We worked with Peter in his home city of Freetown, following his daily ritual of scanning the beach for scrap materials to create dynamic inventions. The video was produced for social media as part of the Changemaker’s multimedia campaign. 

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From concept to delivery.

Growing up in Freetown, Peter has first-hand experience of the pressures young people face in terms of employment. Now, Peter takes an active role in mentoring young people in his community, supporting them to stay in education and pursue their ambitions.

As part of the Changemakers communications campaign, this video hopes to spark a behaviour change among Sierra Leone’s young people, encouraging them to follow their dreams and pursue their passions. In doing so, securing healthy and happy futures for themselves and their country. 

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