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Better together.


The Research to Action project bridges the divide between research and action to tackle issues of forced labour, child labour and human trafficking.

We were asked by the International Labour Organisation to produce a film that showed the benefits of working together to solve a common problem.

the film.

In this innovative concept, two individuals assist each other in the tasks they both encounter during a working day at the office.

By helping each other, they demonstrate that working together is more effective than working alone.

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is key.

We spent a number of weeks working with the ILO communications team to develop a concept that would sit at the forefront of the RTA campaign.

Once scripted, the film was carefully choreographed over the course of two days, and shot in a single take. 

12% of all those
in forced labour
are children.


Services &

Our work on this project included, concept development, scripting, logistics, filming, editing and colour grading.

The equipment we used comprised, Mavo Edge camera, IRIX 45mm lens and Ronin RS3 gimbal.

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