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To date, over 32 million people have died from HIV. Unlike in the 1980s, treatments now exist that allow people with the virus to live long and healthy lives. Despite this, around the world many people are still unable to access optimal treatments. The International Treatment Preparedness Coalition (ITPC) is a Third Sector organisation formed in 2003 in Cape Town. Here, a committed group of activists were brought together by their refusal to accept a world in which people with HIV were denied access to life-saving medicines.
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What did we do.

Story development, Script-writing, Logistics, Film production, Graphics, Editing. 

To celebrate ITPC’s 15 year anniversary, we were tasked to create a short documentary film charting the past, present and future of HIV activism. Shot across four countries, the UK, USA, South Africa and Kenya, the film seeks to inspire and reignite activism and innovation in the on-going fight for access to HIV treatment for all.

In the fight for access to optimal HIV treatment, the true power to influence change ultimately lies with those people most affected by HIV.


From concept to delivery.

The film tells the story of ITPC’s history, mixing interviews with archival footage and urban landscapes to capture the spirit of the HIV movement. The narrative also shines a spotlight on ITPC’s Global Activist Network. This network, made-up of activists from around the world, is at the heart of ITPC’s work campaigning for equitable treatment access globally. 

ITPC has overcome many challenges over the years, but there is still so much to be done; the organisation continues to foster a spirit of activism, actively advocating for treatment access across three strategic areas: #MakeMedcinesAffordable #WatchWhatMatters #BuildResilientCommunities.

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